31 3 / 2014


Started working on Kuzco from the Emperors New Groove.

12 3 / 2014

Briar Rose from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty worn by starlighthoney in 2012

Briar Rose from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty worn by starlighthoney in 2012

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Make it Blue! 

05 3 / 2014

These dresses were based off of a mixture of references and have lights running throughout the bodice and parts of the skirting for each one. 

26 2 / 2014

To start off we would like to notate that the design and colors we chose for this outfit are based off of the concept art and what we thought would look nice together.

The bodice is made from the same pattern as Elsa’s Snow Queen bodice. It is fully lined and steel boned and has a zipper down the side and not the back. Putting the zipper in the side allowed for us to place the design on the back without any problems. The top and bottom edging is hand cut bias tape from a green dupioni silk. We felt that the silk edging the velvet would give a beautiful contrast of materials. The sleeves are a pleated teal silk that is edged in a simple white lace. The bodice design was cut like the skirting designs with heat n’ bond and then fixed into position. On top of the detailing we placed multiple sizes of Swarovski crystals to give a little extra.

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Starting to get some pictures back from Katsucon of our Snow Queen Elsa and Coronation Anna! Photos were taken by Christa Newman and Joseph Lin

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Ice Queen Elsa’s Bodice… Go!

So Elsa’s bodice was a long process since we actually made it multiple times. The first time we made it we covered it in pieces of thick material and glue and painted. This gave an amazing texture to the bodice, but it did not give the desired shimmer we wanted so within a few hours we remade it and ended up with this. 

We started off with a slightly altered version of Simplicity’s pattern 5006 and cut out both a top layer, shimmer overlay, and a cotton lining. All of the seams in the lining were then covered in bias tape to give the channels for the steal boning. Once sewn together and flipped we had a very pretty shimmery bodice that was grommeted and laced up the back. This bodice was not meant to actually pull in any of the shape like a corset but just sit on the body snuggly. 

And now the fun part. We tested out about 10 different pieces of material, but ended up using only 4 of them. These materials were then heat n’ bonded and cut into strips of different widths and then different lengths to get all of her ice pieces. Next we placed the pieces on the bodice section by section and color by color, building up the layers. In between each placement we took the iron and bonded them into place. This took several hours and a lot of patiences since some of the pieces didn’t get enough heat and would pop off. We took the finished bodice and did a final heat set of them at the end. 

Once all of the pieces of material were set we added the bling which included almost 200 swarovski crystals and large 10 swarovski gems.

06 2 / 2014

So excited right now! Just finished adding some detailing to Anna’s coronation bodice!!!!! We will load more pictures with construction notes soon.

So excited right now! Just finished adding some detailing to Anna’s coronation bodice!!!!! We will load more pictures with construction notes soon.

28 1 / 2014

Finished up Elsa’s cape last night! We are so happy with the final result and can’t wait to take this baby out!

To construct this monster cape we first started with about 8 yards of a light blue chiffon and started to drape it over the dress form to figure out the length that we wanted. We started with the back section and cut the material to make a rectangle and cut a diagonal across it. Using the diagonal as the very back seam helped to keep the length and not waste any material. We followed the same steps for the next two sections, each one decreasing in length to help with the width at the bottom.

Once the pieces were sewn together we did not cut and finish the bottom edge since we wanted to first attach it to the corset. We did this by finishing the top edge of the cape with a thick bias tape and sewing on snaps to the cape and the inside of the corset. Then we went around and slowly trimmed the cape bottom to get the shape that we wanted. It just touches the ground in the front and trails behind by several feet.

After finishing the edges we started to map out the design we wanted for the cape with lots of scrap paper and a lot of patience since multiple designs had to be tried before the final was decided on. Then we took the design and traced it onto a large piece of heat n’ bonded iridescent material, making the top section all on piece. Then based off of the concept art we designed several snowflakes to be cut out of the top section, which were then added to the bottom section around the edge of the cape. After cutting out the piece and the snowflakes it was carefully laid out on the floor and ironed into place on the cape. (Yay carpet!) Once ironed we had to create several more snowflakes for the bottom to fill in some extra space, but we are very happy with the final design and can’t wait to take pictures of it in sunlight, since the basement lighting doesn’t do the iridescent material justice.

And now onto the last part… The wig.

25 1 / 2014

Finished versions of the bodice and the undershirt.

The undershirt has been made about 3 times in order to get this final version. The shirt is made out of a very fine silk chiffon and is trimmed around the wrists and the collar with a thin cornflower blue casa. Since we chose not to make this out of a stretch material the sleeves are cut and sewn on a bias to give some give, but still appear very form fitting. The rhinestone detailing was added on one by one with tweezers, glue, and a lot of patience. We went with a mixture of clear silver and clear iridescent rhinestones in 4mm and 3mm.

The bodice was made from a modified version of a corset pattern that we have used multiple times before. It is fully lined and boned to keep the form with a grommeted backing. The base was made with the same rich blue satin as the skirting but was overlain with an iridescent lame instead of the glitter sheer from the skirting. Over the base we chose to heat n’ bond thousands of cut pieces of 4 different extra blue materials we found in our bins. As an accent we used the same rhinestones of the undershirt to give some extra glitz.  

And now onto the cape :)